Timing Is Everything with Your Marketing

To maximise your marketing and get the most of your investment, make sure you properly time your efforts. 

  • Try to ensure that your test the best time for sending your direct mail, email or even making a call. Consider when people are likely to be most receptive or have the time. You will hear general advice of the best times to do things and this is helpful but make sure one time you improve what you do and make it relevant for your audience.

  • When relevant, tie your message to what's going on in the world. This is easier in the digital environment as it's so immediate but the principle is the same. Never ever piggyback on something that is not directly connected to what you are speaking to people about on social media.

  • Don't launch your marketing too soon. Make sure you've worked out all the bugs, that your salespeople know all the facts, and that you can deliver on what you promise.

  • If you're in retail, wait a month before you have your grand opening celebration. This way, you'll be more prepared and will have made those adjustments to the business that you don't think of until yo go live/ open the doors.

  • Don't waste time telemarketing when nobody's out there. Find out when the best times to call and this will vary for different audiences so make sure you do the research, test your segments and go with the most effective.

  • Never rush through the creation of your marketing materials. This is gong to be the one thing that the consumer will see and this will be what they base their decision to either be interested or not on.

Nobody seems to have any time and everyone is always trying to catch up and fly from one meeting to the next. 

Just remember it doesn't matter how much money you have saved for your holiday, how much weight you have lost, how long you have waited or how early you got up to get to the airport...If you forget your passport the lovely person at the counter will not care and you will not be going away.

Take the time to cross your T's and dot your I's. Take the time to make sure your campaign is the best it can be.