Test, Learn and Roll-out Your Marketing In 2017!

When you start to think about 2017 and how you are going to improve on the results you got in 2016 you want to start thinking about what you are going to try/test this year.

When I say test, I mean test not throw everything into a new idea with nothing to back up the logic.

Until you have run the test you have no idea if it is going to improve the results you have got to date or the opposite.

Your research may tell you that it should work BUT your just done know not for sure anyway.

So, it's important to test an amount that will give you a result that is enough to be confident in.

5-10% may be enough however if you are only sending out 100 invites then potentially 10 as a test segment is just not enough – however, if you have an e-mail campaign going out to 10,000 then 500-1000 test should enable you to see which version is getting the best open/click through rates.

Here are some areas of your marketing that you can start to think about testing so that you can focus on making the marketing activity that you do this year as effective as it possibly can be.

  • Creative / Images
  • Headline
  • Subject line on your e-mails
  • Call to action
  • Target audience / segments
  • Opt-in form
  • The text below or above the post on your social media
  • When the ad is run (time of day, day of week, week of month, month of year)
  • Placement (newsfeed, right side, mobile app, mobile and/or desktop)
  • Offer / Promotion

 The whole point of testing to enable you to try new things and find out what you can tweak to improve your results. Some things will work and other will not but you will be learning in the process and refining your marketing so that you are also investing wiser and enjoying better ROI’s.

Test, learn and roll out with your best performers!

Best of luck in 2017 with your marketing journey.