Effective Customer Targeting for Direct Marketing

When it comes to direct marketing, many of the conveniences developed by email and social media marketing, are reduced. As such, you have to adapt the marketing strategy to suit your customers. This can be a difficult task if you have no idea how exactly to reach your customers.

Identify your market

Various factors, depending on your business, give you a general idea of who your audience is. If for instance, you deal with exports, then your audience is not local people living within the area. To identify your audience, you have to define clearly, the parameters of your business. From these parameters, you can then identify your market based on factors such as the location, age, expenditure or income bracket, gender, among other things.


For marketing to be effective, it has to be specific. This will not only reduce the chances of spending finances on marketing without returns but also ensure that you will have a higher market reception and sales percentage. If for instance, you have two different sets of products, one for bachelor's and another for mothers, then these should be your market segments. The segment is basically the group of people in the target market, that you designed the product or service for. Segmentation can be done by research and market analysis which should then be followed by grouping. For instance, you could have bachelors, spinsters, couples, newlyweds, soon to be wed couples, high-income earners and exercise enthusiasts as segments for your business.

Determine a marketing strategy

As soon as you are done with the segmentation of the different audience, you should then identify a direct marketing strategy that could be effective to get the message across. What you should look for in the strategy are things like the effectiveness in terms of speed, target specificity, target understanding and such. This means that you should look for a strategy that is quick to pass the message across, is understood easily and that speaks directly to your target market segments, without including the rest of the market.


You cannot just execute a strategy without having it tested. A number of tests could be done to determine the effectiveness of your strategy. Testing is done to identify the faults in the strategy and how to fix them.

Final thoughts

I truly think that you need to believe in the products or service that you are marketing if you want to attract and maintain the right kind of clients.

Put the customer's hat on and ask yourself what benefits will the customer get from doing business with you and if you can honestly see a stand out benefit for them then you are on the right path.